Why relationship of husband and wife gets spoiled?


It is not a good thing to have quarrels in any relationship, but when two people live together, it is very normal to have small fights, resentment. It is said that even disputes should happen after seeing the time. Sometimes wives complain or express their displeasure at the wrong time, due to which the matter gets worse and both husband and wife are unable to reach any conclusion, on the contrary, sometimes anger towards each other increases. In such a situation, both should take care that their grievance or displeasure should be expressed at such a time when there is an atmosphere of listening and understanding.

On occasions

Many times husband and wife fight on festivals, due to which the mind of both gets spoiled and the battles of such occasions are often remembered, so whenever a festival comes, the mind gets spoiled by thinking about it. When you see others celebrating happiness on festivals, then the anger of husband and wife increases even more, so on such occasions, if there is an atmosphere of quarrel, then try to ignore it with husband wife solution with wazifa.

Guests Have Come

It is not a good thing to quarrel when a guest has come in the house because on such occasions even the guests feel very awkward. Sometimes they guess whether they are the reason for this or not. If any relatives of the husband come and you fight with them, then their anger increases even more and if any relatives of the wife have come, then their resentment increases, so do not make this mistake even without forgetting because it can cause sourness. .

When They Are Upset

According to islamic astrology if you know that your partner is already upset about something in the office, then avoid the fight at such a time because they need you at this time. Also, if your wife is bothering about something related to her family or some problem is going on, then support the wife at such a time. Complaints can be made even later, but fighting at such a time can spoil everything.

Going For A Good Job

If any of the husband or wife is going for some good work in the early morning or at any time, then do not talk about any fight at such time because the person in front tries to avoid such time and you get sleep. Go on speaking without thinking and if something pricks their heart, then it can have an effect on your relationship in the long run, so do not make such a mistake even by mistake. Keep your anger under control.

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