Rohani Ilaj For Love Marriage Maulana Baba ji

Rohani Ilaj For Love Marriage

Rohani ilaj for love marriage is useful in the following situations:

  1. When a couple is in love and want to get married
  2. After love marriage, the couple is facing tensions
  3. Parents are not agreeing to a love marriage
  4. Because of class differences, love marriage is facing

Rohani in its literal sense means related to soul . It is a beautiful Urdu word. Hence Rohani love means, love which is done with the soul. When you find your soulmate, Rohani love is manifesting. Hence such love is guided by the divine because it is pure and sacred. Any problems arising in the marriage of such couples is handled by the Allah himself. Hence such love which has origin in the soul, also has treatment related to the transformation of the soul. In Rohani love, there is an implicit spiritual character attached to the relationships. Love is not different than Spiritual salvation.

Rohani ilaj for lovemarriage thus is a treatment where the Pir tries to make changes in the soul of the person. As the love emanates from soul, ilaj must also happen at the point of generation of love, which is the soul. When any friction arises in the love of such soulmates, no science and logic can work. The problems in such love are treated with transformation of the soul.

Let us discuss about the various situations in detail:

When a couple is in love:

In Islam, love is kept at the paramount summit. A person is allowed to fall in love. But the love should be sacred and with the intention of marriage. It is unlike the modern culture where in the garb of love only lust is fulfilled. Rohani ilaaj For love marriage is only applicable for couples with the right intention. The couples which want their love to be manifested in the form of marriage are open for rohani ilaj. Love marriage is a beautiful idea. If you feel you have found your soulmate, then do not wait and propose for marriage. In case you are hesitating to propose, then take the name Allah and go ahead.

After Love marriage, the couple is facing tensions:

Even after you have met your soulmate, there are chances that you may fight and develop tensions It is very annoying that the person you love the most will be one you will hurt the most. In such situations where the couples in love are fighting and are unable to match the frequency of each is imperative in that situation that you apply the Rohani ilaj for Love Marriage. Marriage is an institution which not only need love but also requires maximum amount of devotion and respect. The partners in love may be expecting more from their marriage life. When married in love, still not able to keep the relationship healthy is the worst feeling in the world. In such situation both the parties suffer.

In order to solve problems of such couples, many pirs and saints have developed methods of prayer and wazifa to reignite the lost love in the marriages.

Parents are not agreeing to Love Marriage:

RohaniIlaaj for Love Marriage is instrumental in changing the mentality of rigid parents. In our society, the acceptance of love marriages is still very less. There are different types of doubts people have in such marriage. Though if marriage is done in love, it is like a charitable work done under Islam. The ilaj for rigid parents will begin with the transformation of their soul. Making them understand the beauty of love. The parents who are fearful in letting their children go for love marriage have to be dealt with understanding. The point of view of a parent is also not wrong as they just want their child to be happy. The burden of transforming the mentality of parents then falls on the shoulders of the couple in love. They must try to contact an experienced saint.

He will be able to allay all kinds of fear from the mind of the parents and the acceptability of love marriage can be increased among parents.

Because of class differences, love marriage is facing blockades:

The couple could be in pure love. Love is a natural feeling. But marriage is not a feeling, it is a social institution. Social institution thus has many problems. They have a set standard and criteria. Class differences will also come to fore when marrying your loved one. So advice is to be courageous and marry the one you love. Be a rebel in love and defeat all types of class differences. That is the power of true Love. In case you feel alone in the process take help from the Rohani ilaj For love marriage to infuse courage in you

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