Islamic Wazifa for Love Marriage Specialist Maulana Baba Ji

Islamic Wazifa for Love Marriage

Islamic Wazifa for Love Marriage :  Love is the most sacred and the most serene feeling in the world. It is very natural that we fall in love at different ages in our life. Every one craves for a love life. But sometimes in our expectation of love we commit mistakes. Because of these mistakes we either lose our loved ones or we get separated from them. Without love there is no enjoyment in life and also there is no peace. Hence perform Islamic Wazifa for Love.

There are always ways which can help bring your love back to you. Islamic wazifa can be read and applied in such problems .There are different wazifa for different type of love problems. As we can see in our daily lives we have problems in love. Sometimes the wife does not get the required attention of the husband. On other occasions wives are neglected due to some other woman in life. But the most painful issues in love pertain to not getting the person you love. The other major problem is to not able to generate love in a person’s heart. There are situations when you have loved someone with a selfless intention still he/she could not return your love back and you have lost them.

Islamic Wazifa for Love Marriage Specialist Maulana Baba Ji

There are different situations when you can apply wazifa to get your love back.

  1. For a Bad Spouse: The wazifa can be performed by both husband and wife. If the wife feels her husband is ignoring her and she is not getting the required attention from him. There are situations when husband is involved with some other partner or is having an extra marital affair. The pain of not getting the required love in a marriage can be understood and empathized by those who have actually felt it.

At times we have also seen wives cheating on husbands. A wife should love in all aspects. She should be able to make her husband happy. But as we have seen this is not always the case.

The important point is love should be kept from both sides. If not, then we must look for some solutions. Wazifa, hence can be performed in both the cases. The wives who feel that their husbands are not able to maintain them and their children can also perform wazifa. With the application of wazifa, one can reignite love in the hearts of the estranged spouses.

  1. For problems in marriage: When a person wants to marry someone he/she loves, a wazifa can be performed. The effects of the wazifa nullifies if one do not intend to marry him/her. A person’s love should be pure and not just for physical needs. A wazifa can fructify only if one is asking for true love. In Islam, the idea of love without marriage is considered haram.
  2. For a wish like making an enemy gets attracted to you, when a friend is angry with you and you want to placate him/her, then also wazifa can be performed as per Islam.

 The English Version of the wazifa goes as follows:

The winner of love in someone’s heart

If there is an opponent, it is very useful to bring such a person to the path and to make his beloved very useful. Well, that person will agree.

  1. After the Asha’s prayer
  2. Sit on the prayer or at any clean place.
  3. Then imagine the wish for which you are doing this.
  4. Read the first 11 times Dudad Sharif.
  5. Then read the above mentioned 141 times.
  6. Finally read the same Doodle Sharif 11 times, which was initially read.
  7.  Pray aloud to Allaah for your purpose.
  8. Call this scholarship for 41 days.

Ask for a consideration: Do not set aside the scholarship during female menstrual periods

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