Islamic Vashikaran Solution spell Maulana Baba ji


In this world we face different types of problems. Sometimes there are problems in love and career. There are problems in finances. Islamic Vashikaran solution spell help to cut down a large number of problems.

Islamic Vashikaran Solution spell Maulana Baba ji

Vashikaran is a word of Sanskrit, which means to control the mind of a person. Vashikaran helps in submitting the person’s conscience. He/she then acts as per your wishes. It is a type of Hypnotism. Vashikaran is a kind of Technique. It has applications in different fields. Islamic Vashikaran Solution spell handles negative individuals.Science says two people connect because of frequency and vibes. Attraction happens on sharing same vibes. The pirs use this technique in Islamic Vashikaran solution spell.

Vashikaran solves relationship bitterness. The Islamic Vashikaran Solution spell has some precautions involved. That is why only contact  an experienced Islamic vashikaran specialist. Islam has a history of Vashikaran techniques. Since the time of Prophet Musa , Islamic Vashikaran solution spell are in prevalence. Therefore, muslim specialists are flawless. Their ancestors are doing this profession for years.

Islamic Vashikaran solution spell are applicable in different scenarios. It can help bring back a lost love. Spell can remove misunderstanding. Misunderstanding ruins good relations. These specialists chant various mantras. The mind of the person gets in control of the specialist and they are asked to act the way you want. The process of Vashikaran begins with hypnotism and leads to surrender of the mind.

Few things are important to follow in Vashikaran:

  1. Refrain from using Vashikaran for wrong purpose:The harm is huge, when you use vashikaran for negative intentions. It never fructifies if your intention is to harm the opposite person. Vashikaran is a sacred art. It helps couples to love and care for each other. Doing bad things will gather bad karma. And every person has to account for sins he has done in previous births. Use Vashikaran only for the right purpose.
  2. Keep in mind that a naïve practitioner can make things wrong. Without full knowledge of the techniques he can ruin the whole process. Hence it is imperative that we contact an experienced Vashikaran specialist.


Islamic vashikaran solution spell is used for love problems.

The following spell can be read to get the lost love back:

The English Version of the spell goes as follows:

The winner of love in someone’s heart

If there is an opponent, it is very useful to bring such a person to the path and to make his beloved very useful. Well, that person will agree.

  1. After the Asha’s prayer
  2. Sit on the prayer or at any clean place.
  3. Then imagine the wish for which you are doing this.
  4. Read the first 11 times Dudad Sharif.
  5. Then read the above mentioned 141 times.
  6. Finally read the same Doodle Sharif 11 times, that was initially read.
  7. Pray aloud to Allaah for your purpose.
  8. Call this scholarship for 41 days.

For the purpose of removing negative energy read the following :

The English Translation of the chapter 82 is as follows:

. In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

82:1 When the heaven is cleft asunder,

82:2 And when the stars become dispersed,

82:3 And when the rivers are made to flow forth,

82:4 And when the graves are laid open —

82:5 Every soul will know what it has sent before and what it has held back.

82:6 O man, what beguiles thee from thy Lord, the Gracious?

82:7 Who created thee, then made thee complete, then made thee in a right good state —

82:8 Into whatever form He pleases He casts thee.

82:9 Nay, but you give the lie to the Judgment,

82:10 And surely there are keepers over you,

82:11 Honourable recorders,

82:12 They know what you do.

82:13 Surely the righteous are in bliss,

82:14 And the wicked are truly in burning Fire —

82:15 They will enter it on the day of Judgment.

82:16 And will not be absent from it.

82:17 And what will make thee realize what the day of Judgment is?

82:18 Again, what will make thee realize what the day of Judgment is?

82:19 The day when no soul controls aught for another soul. And the command on that day is Allah’s


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Islamic Vashikaran Mantra for Love Maulana Baba ji

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