Muslim dua for love back Maulana Baba JI

Muslim Dua for love Back

All of us need love in life. We are incomplete without love. There are many ways everyone asks for love in their lives. Muslim Dua for love back is one such solution to get our love back. Many a times we are faced with situations where our mistakes lead to hostility in relations.

Maintaining relations is an art and is not easy. We have to keep in mind a lot of thinngs. I am here to suggest you some tips which will help you.

Following these will make your love intact to you.

Muslim Dua for love Back Maulana Baba JI

The most efficient way of placating a person is in Dua. When we ask from Allah, with our complete heart,we receive his grace. Muslim Dua for love back can be read and performed in times of need.

Other than the Dua, try to implement the following ways:.

  1. Motherly Instincts and care: If you care for someone, you have to show it in a relationship. Your partner must know that there is someone who cares for him/her. Care is not only limited to chivalrous acts. Care includes nursing, loving, talking when needed and understanding. At times,we expect so much from our partner that we tend to get angry. In anger we speak such hurtful things that no one forgets. With the unnecessary friction, our loved ones feel suffocated with us and doubt our love. If you think you have been following this method of care and still your partner is angry with you. Your partner is not talking with you, and then it is time to summon Allah. Muslim Dua for love back is these situation is as follows:

“LaqaadJaa Akum Rasulam Min AnfushikamAzeezun

AlayahiAlaykumBilmoomininaa Ra-oofur Raheem”

We can maintain our relations happily with the following steps:

Helpful: No one likes to be stuck in a rut. A partner’s foremost work is to help her/him in the works. If your wife is not well and working alone in the kitchen then go and help her. If you think your husband is not getting an idea in his business, try to read and innovate and help him with the idea. When there are situations, both of you should think more about the other person than being selfish

Communication: Relationships are based on communication. If we do not communicate and show our feelings, we may be in a problem. In a husband wife relationship, it is imperative that that we express our feelings for each other. If you are going outside for some work and your partner is not with you. You must make sure that you keep him/her updated. The mode of communication should be voice in the first place but if that is not possible at least leave her a text. Also expressing the love that you have for your partner is paramount. Telling him things that you like about him.

Some difficult but most important steps to follow in a relation:

Adjustments: When two people are living together, they have to keep adjusting their comforts. It is basically a tradeoff, in order to love someone; we must be concerned about his/her comforts. When we are more concerned about the other, involuntarily adjustments will happen. In a relationship, conflicts are unavoidable. What can be avoided is the “Making hill out of a mole”. Adjust with your partners most important needs. I am not asking you to be servile. But love involves an amount of sacrifice.

Loyalty: Being disloyal to your partner is not less than haram in Islam. When you have promised your partner love and affection, you must give it to her/him in all circumstances. Loyalty is the base of every relation. If you think your partner is not loyal to you. You are suffering to get him/her back. Muslim Dua for Love Back as written below can be read with complete dedication.

“AllahummaJaa Al SalawaAtikaWa Bara kaatiKaAlaa Muhammad In Naa Bee Ye Wa

AzWa Aa JihiUmmaHaaTilMu’miNeenawaZurRiYaTihiWaAah Li Bay Tee Hi Kaa Ma Sal

LaytaAaLaaIbrahima In NaaKaaHamee Dum MaaJeed”


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